Monday, March 28, 2011

I have CMPD :-(

Few years ago, when I saw Vikram’s Anniyan in a Cinema ,I had a doubt that I too had Multiple personality disorder or MPD.I was a different person outside the theatre and an entirely different person inside. Such was the impact of that movie on me that within a few hours I transformed into a shy, timid and soft spoken girl into a complete freak. Those who were with me while watching Anniyan will know this fact. They will also know that my new hairstyle is also an after effect of this movie. Yes, you read it right; I cut down my 1 metre long tresses after I became an Anniyan fan. Anniyan was, is and will remain one of my favourite movies which showed this MPD with a new perspective. Sydney Sheldon also told us a beautiful story of MPD in ‘Tell me your dreams’ which again is my favourite. My intention here is definitely not to make you bored with my research on MPD but I want to share one of my observations which confirms that I have MPD- but of a new kind.
Very recently, one among the hundreds of forward [informational] mails caught my attention. It was titled, ‘Sleeping positions and its meaning’. Just like everyone else, I too was curious to know what my sleeping position meant! It had 10 different poses and I could easily identify mine.J Interestingly I had not one but many sleeping positions which made me frown.
I am a person who in any normal day sleeps in a ‘soldier pose’. I would call this a ‘corpse pose’ so that you can easily identify, without much of my explanation, how a person sleeps in this pose. Yeah yeah, you got it right. Lying on your back with both arms pinned to your sides or crossed over tummy. Then, according to experts, I am generally quiet and reserved. I don't like a fuss, but set myself and others high standards.  I was so pleased to read it. I myself didn’t know till then that I am such a serious and sober person at heart.
After my marriage I moved to Chicago with my husband. I was [and still]l having a tough time coping up with the sub zero temperature here. I noticed that after I landed here I started sleeping in what they call as ‘foetus pose’. For your better understanding and visualization I can term it as ‘O pose. I curl to the maximum extend so as to utilize all the heat generated by my body. Heat from my legs keep my tummy warm, heat from my hands keep my neck warm and heat from my forehead keep my knees warm. I strictly follow conservation of energy principles. According to experts, I should be tough on the outside but sensitive at heart. I may be shy when I first meet somebody, but soon relax.
To beat the scorching cold, we put heaters inside the room. After few hours the rooms becomes heated enough that I can sleep without my blanket. In fact I will start sweating and then I assume a ‘Starfish pose’.  The best alternative word for that would be ‘Michelangelo's Vitruvian man pose’. Lying on my back, with both arms and legs wide apart, so as to allow maximum air flow through my body. According to experts, those who sleep in this position, make good friends because they are always ready to listen to others, and offer help when needed. They generally don't like to be the centre of attention.
You see, I got three different personalities which vary according to climate. I call this Climatic Multiple Personality Disorder or CMPD.
I bet you too suffer from CMPD J


  1. Nice one Div...I dint know of the Anniyan facts all these dayS :) But sure as you said, everyone does have a MPD..
    -Anitha Sankar

  2. Just 3? Where r the rest of your personalities?? :D

  3. I liked it..i cannot say that 'this is a great writing' but the way u gather some interesting clips from those seems to be as silly and really interesting..i enjoyed!!

  4. Funny. Made an interesting read..... Good research about yourself :-)

  5. nice divse... - bijoy

  6. Ha..ha! Good one.

    It is the same case with horoscope predictions too. One day I am a Libra, next day I realize I am a Leo (someone must have messed up with my birth certificate). By the way, 'scorching' means very hot. So, you have an oxymoron there :)