Wednesday, March 23, 2011

And the Entertainer of the Decade award goes to----Poliwood

Around the world entertainers are paid hefty sum of money for keeping the hard working population entertained. It’s the case in our country also. In that case why shouldn’t any politicians be “PAID” filthy amounts of money for they are the greatest entertainers in India, greater even to the Indian film industry? Even otherwise who will nowadays be entertained by the oft repeated masala stories where an old hero romances young belle [read skeleton], fights for her love and then ‘happily- live-ever after’? Whereas our politicians have ,to offer you ,much more unpredictable, raunchy, steamy, hot, hep, sensational and thrilling stories. And mind it that not two stories is similar unlike in movies where we can make out the story by its title.
Don’t get disillusioned by the fat chunk of maal which goes into Raja’s and Kalmadi’s pockets. Are yaar, without them how would you wake up with a sensational morning story in newspapers and television? How would you pass your tea time at cafeterias? How would you have sleepless night thinking about the next episode’s story?  Come on, so much for entertainment and you are till complaining about their “PAY CHECKS”? Now you are the one with stingy minds!
Now that the election is approaching, you can expect much more nail-biting and edge-of-the-chair drams. This time you will have double mazaa because, not only they will entertain you but also offer you goodies for having watched them do monkey dance. Goodies like mixer-grinder, cycles, laptops, bus pass and what not!! People still haven’t figured out what they should do with their ‘colored TV set’ which they got last year. It has either a menace in their house because they already do not have enough room for one LCD plasma TV which adorn their 1 kichinged [kitchen,living and bed room combined]house [ or room ] or it is a junk piece which will never be switched on by the poor downtrodden who do not have time to watch it after their days of bone breaking toil. Many even tried their luck by carrying the TV on head  , direct from the ration shop, and turned vendor by shouting ‘ammaaa...TV.. .TV..onnukku nooru’. We will have to wait and watch the fate of mixer-grinders, if at all they will have any.
This new gimmick is like ‘giving a man fish’ rather than ‘teaching him how to fish’. You get only a panji muttai [cotton candy  ] , which will taste good ,looks good and will also melt in seconds, if you allow them to entertain you for 5 years. You will never be given a solid candy making machine for you to make your own candy and make money.
As long as there are takers of this kind of entertainment the ‘poliwood’ industry [political entertainers] will boom. Let’s wait and watch for more melodramatic blockbusters. Let’s make fan clubs of more heroes and superheroes like Raja and Kalmadi and  Amma[JL].

PS: Auditions are going on for the forthcoming poliwood movie. Anyone with a good ‘nonsense’ and greedy nature and a hunch for making it big in the industry can apply. If selected , you will be given top roles for 5 years.


  1. Divya,
    Nice comic story about politicians and the drama going on particularly in Tamilnadu. ha ha , beautiful words and sarcastic way to express your frustration on TN politics. All kind of awareness about this saakkadai passed on to each and every citizen but do you think there will be any changes on the election result? absolutely not, same comedians will rule TN again. So...... wait and watch for one more exciting comedy movie comong on...

    Anyways, it was nice one Divya, keep writing .... Sankar

  2. Superb and true facts Divya,very well written.We expect more Comic stories in future like this Div.. :)--- Anitha

  3. i liked the mood.... sarcastic... guess we both are good with this... ha haa... btw i never knew about your active interest in political situation in S India.
    besides a small suggestion, rather than going into attack mode, start off with those simple things that u see around, those which gives u small but timely delight and happiness... to put it in other words, a general positive outlook.
    U dont want me to tell my kid.. son, this is the sour, pessimistic aunty whose blogs i read to scare you when you get too naughty...
    Dig into your memories, you will find a treasure trove of topics to deal with...

  4. Thanks anna and anni.....:-) I will come up with more.

  5. Thank you Jai. Your expert advise is most welcome. Keep encouraging.

  6. DB very nice and refeshing read :)A very hilarious way of putting across a very very ugly facet of our society..... Excellent start, expecting more from you...

    I can see another Jaya Madavan in the Making :D

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  8. Ya. Very true.
    This is a sad fact that politicians rule the country, but they dont do any good for the people who voted them.
    You have started off with a sarcastic note, try to soften it and write.
    In Tamil ,there is a quote, "Vazhapazhathula oosi ethra mari" meaning the listener would think the narrator is telling something pleasant, but actually he would be saying something damaging in a pleasant way.