Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Junk Food

A cute little yellow daffodil, who lives in the small park at the centre of the city, opened her eyes to the bright, smoky, disillusioned lights of the vehicles .She remembered what her great great granny had said to her that in their days they used to wake up to the bright refreshing light of sun. She used to explain for hours how handsome and lovely sun was! Little daffodil does not remember having such a day in her entire life and probably will never have. A loud horn of a truck woke her up from her dream.
By now there were hundreds of vehicles around her at the city centre. She thought ,Why is it that the humans never stop or stand still even for a single moment as if they are all under Newton’s first law of motion?Like they are all in continuous perpetual motion and till now they were not stopped by any external force? We too do lot of things standing still our entire life! We enjoy nature, converse with other beings, we sing, dance, whisper, cook, eat. We too rejoice at birth and we cry when someone depart. And look I thought so many wonderful things –all standing still!’ Little daffodil thought that it might be because humans have very small or no brain inside that gigantic body. And she was right!
It was eight in the morning and now she is devoid of even that little light that she had early in the morning. Now all she could see was smoke and dust and fumes. She usually has a hard time patting off the dust from her body. She heard a cough and immediately recognised her maali. He has been providing for her from her childhood since the soil she stands is barren. Maali took out the supplement and thrust it onto her lap. She had no other go but to accept it and drink it. He took out a bottle with a big picture of skull on it and sprayed plenty of it on her and her family who were around her. She remembered the scary stories her granny used to tell her of how their small children died of eating these supplements and how even healthy ones died after being sprayed by this liquid. The ones who survived caught severe and deadly diseases. Little daffodil couldn’t help wondering that even after so much of horrible incidents why this maali keep doing this every day? Don’t they think at all? Or is it that they don’t they think at all about other beings?
While her parents were busy with their daily chores, little daffodil was busy observing the world around her. She was determined to learn this species called humans. A beautiful melodious song distracted her from her observation. She turned around and saw her little friend -honey bee, hovering around her. He sat gently on the daffodil without hurting her.
He unrolled his tongue to get his honey from her when suddenly little daffodil warned, ‘Friend ,did you forgot what your mother had said to you? Never eat junk food!’


  1. Refine dear refine.... u are getting there...

  2. Is daffodil telling not to take its honey as chemical is sprayed on it?
    Nice story.... Daffodil personified :-)